The Most Powerful King In The Field Of Lithium Batteries Is Ternary Or Lithium Iron Phosphate?

- Aug 29, 2019-

The application of electrochemical cells has changed the current industrial landscape. Among them, lithium batteries are developing rapidly in the fields of power and energy storage. Nowadays, the debate about the two popular lithium batteries "lithium iron phosphate battery" and "three-element lithium battery" has never stopped. This year, the two have once again been pushed to the cusp.

In the field of new energy vehicles, pure electric vehicles occupy the C position, while in the pure electric vehicle power battery, the ternary lithium battery has the upper hand, and the lithium iron phosphate battery takes the second place. In fact, in 2015, the installed ratio of ternary and lithium iron phosphate was about 3:7, and the time for ternary catching up with lithium iron phosphate was in the past 2018. The main reason is that the ternary battery is more and more endurance. The ability meets the policy subsidy requirements to meet the needs of the citizens for further travel.

This does not mean that lithium iron phosphate has no market in the field of power batteries. In January, BYD said that the company's passenger cars will be replaced with ternary batteries, and passenger cars will continue to use lithium iron phosphate batteries. It can be seen that, based on safety and stability, in the field of power batteries, lithium iron phosphate will be more widely used in public transportation, logistics and transportation industries.

However, lithium iron phosphate batteries are not limited to this. Some insiders speculate that while the new energy subsidies are about to be significantly reduced, the policy is likely to not impose new regulations on the battery life, and the lithium iron phosphate battery company that has reached the requirements and qualified will regain some cars. market.

In addition to the field of power batteries, the rise of the energy storage market has also given lithium batteries a better way out. Whether it is a large or small energy storage project, not only the lithium battery capacity is required, but also safety, stability and long life are required. It can be seen that the characteristics of the lithium iron phosphate battery are more in line with the application of the energy storage industry.

Under such conditions, the situation of the ternary lithium battery and the lithium iron phosphate battery will continue to be the mainstream of the lithium battery market in the future. Who is the "strongest king" can not be easily determined at present.