The National Span Maximum Flexible Bracket Photovoltaic Project Successfully Connected The Network

- Nov 13, 2017-

China energy storage net news: on November 3 at 11 18 points, 12 mw thermal power construction in jiangxi province of hebei changan photovoltaic distributed generation projects I successful interconnection, marks the most advanced, the largest span flexible photovoltaic stents project officially put into operation.

It is estimated that the project after the full capacity of the grid, annual output can reach 12 million degrees, not only can meet the daily needs, and can save hebei changan automobile co., LTD., nearly a year more than 100 ten thousand yuan bill.

Hebei changan 12 mw distributed photovoltaic projects the biggest characteristic is in the parking lot the erection of the steel structure framework, through the prestressed steel strand prestressing build photovoltaic parking shed, formed on photovoltaic power generation, under the carport safe parking scenery line, at the same time in the power of the largest degree to save the land resources utilization.

This project adopts the current domestic most advanced flexible photovoltaic bracket system, is composed of steel structure and the pre-stressed rope, two stages span structure, the total span of 337.5 meters, the adjacent bearing pull support the largest span of 206 meters, is currently the largest span.

Compared with traditional pv organization, it has wide adaptability, flexible use, effective safety and economical efficiency of land use. It is a revolutionary creation of photovoltaic support.

Since independence study, jiangxi thermal power distributed energy department scientific planning, overall management, efforts to overcome the technical difficulty is high, difficult, and so on equipment is difficult constantly optimized design scheme, slopes compaction responsibility, layer upon layer fulfil person, vigorously promotes the safety and quality, through the unremitting efforts to achieve the success of the project connected to the grid.

Jiangxi thermal power distributed energy business will continue to overcome the difficult, actively grope, serious summary, accumulate the flexible stent photovoltaic (pv) and the experience of project construction, develop a broader market space.