The New Energy Vehicle Is In The Development Wave Charging Pile Industry Can Win

- Sep 23, 2017-

Currently, the total area of the nearly 110 new energy vehicle vehicles in China is over 140,000 mu.In the past 30 years, the core automobile core industry area, which has been formed in the northeast, Yangtze river delta and pearl river delta, will inevitably be covered by the new landmark of new energy vehicle investment.

Large amounts of money into making new energy automobile project is full of each medium cities of China, including many previously has never been a breath of the city of automobile industry, and even the previously little-known county.Nanjing, jiangxi ganzhou, hangzhou, foshan and other cities have become the hot automobile industry new city with a large number of new energy vehicles under construction.

New energy automobile industry rapid development are well known, it is understood that in 2016 China's new energy car sales reached 507000 units, up 53% year on year, more than 50% of the total share of global, keep the world's first two years in a row.Due to the development of new energy automobile industry, many enterprises have also been strengthened.The most eye-catching non-rechargeable pile company.The charging pile is an essential infrastructure for a new energy vehicle, which is positioned like a refueling tanker at a gas station.With the rapid development of new energy vehicles in China, the corresponding charging infrastructure has also been developed rapidly.

According to the China council for the promotion of the electric car charging infrastructure union statistics, as of June 2017, the public class charging pile construction, the number of operating close to 171000, from July 2016 to June 2016, the average monthly new public charging infrastructure about 7486, in June 2017 from the previous month new public class 4663 charging piles, up 110.0% from a year earlier.The number of public charging piles owned by the provincial administrative region is: Beijing 25150, guangdong 24185, Shanghai 19602.Risk of data on the combination of new energy vehicles, between January and June 2017, Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong in 18823, 8334 and 6119, the top three major economic zones of new energy car sales and public charging pile is proportional to the number.

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, China's charging infrastructure is experiencing the development process from scratch and from less to more.Although a lot of progress has been made in comparison with the past, the problem of big and weak market is becoming more and more prominent.Therefore, in addition to the new construction charging piles, the combination of charging piles and the Internet should be realized in each province, so that connectivity becomes the key to the development of charging piles.This is not only to integrate various charging pile on market, real-time query, booking payment via the Internet, and to achieve a deeper interconnectivity, through the integration of charging pile resources, reasonable allocate, connection factories, charging equipment manufacturers and new energy vehicles, forming a complete ecological structure.In the long run, promoting the development of information connectivity technology is the only way for China's charging infrastructure to move towards a new level.

The development of new energy vehicles and charging piles can also be attributed to the logical relationship between chicken eggs and egg-laying chickens.While new energy vehicles promote the development of charging piles, charging piles are also to protect new energy.For an example of a direct, bio charging is specialized is engaged in the charging charging pile and the construction of the terminal operators, after for saic roewe passenger car developed the second generation of the accessory pile, for saic chase completed 67 sites charging pile construction, maintenance for Shanghai Volkswagen quality department, product development, after-sales department provide test pile and charging monitoring system and become the saic gm in Shanghai for the accessory pile installation service provider.

Say so, the development of new energy automobile industry in promoting the company rapidly expanding in the process of charging pile, but also led to other aspects of common development, a lot of the time they are not one-way promote relations, but mutually, only then can appear more and more demand on the whole industry chain, resulting in a prosperous market ecology, which is our common goal.