The New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Market In 2017

- Nov 19, 2016-

New energy vehicles downstream battery demand will be from the government procurement and demonstration operations, into market. Before 2015, China's procurement of new energy vehicles, mainly from government procurement and public transport demonstration operations, to promote the development of the industrial chain effect is significant. With the new energy automotive industry in which the stage changes, and the adjustment of state subsidies, how the market demand, will be the next stage of development of the industry to choose a new direction.

New energy logistics vehicle will be the next stage of the main event, and the development process for the "S" shaped heavy volume. We are concerned about the development of new energy logistics vehicles: on the one hand, it has significant economic advantages of the "poor", can really drive the market demand for procurement; on the other hand, the logistics car market space, performance requirements, the resulting economies of scale, can further promote the technological progress of power battery and cost reduction.

Power battery production capacity is greater than the industry demand growth rate, 2017 may be the boundary between supply and demand, the industry will be divided. On the one hand, the same industry enterprises in 2017 will be close combat, competition tends to fierce; On the other hand, the leading position of power battery industry is taking shape, and its competitive advantage in the field of new energy bus has laid a foundation for its expansion to the special vehicle and passenger car market.

New technological progress, is driving the new energy automotive power battery industry continues to progress the key driving force. New energy vehicles as China's national key development areas, the relevant state departments in the power battery performance developed a development plan, especially in the specific energy density, energy than the power to set the guiding objectives. The realization of the goal will be more dependent on the lithium continued to occur in technological progress. Looking ahead 2017, LitFSI, silicon carbon anode, lithium titanate power battery, and grapheme conductive materials and other new materials and new technologies are expected to drive power lithium technology advances, and from the scale of the application will be getting closer.

Risk Tip: a major adjustment of China's new energy automotive industry policy lead to lower than expected demand for downstream seriously; new technology to promote faster than expected.