The New Lithium-air Battery Charging And Discharging 750 Times Can Still Be Used

- Apr 02, 2018-

Science daily website according to the United States, American scientists to design a new type of lithium air batteries, can work under natural air environment, and in record 750 can still work normally after time charge/discharge cycle.The lithium-air battery is expected to revolutionise battery life, the researchers said, with the paper published in the latest issue of the journal nature.

The lithium air battery is discharged by combining the oxygen of lithium and air into lithium peroxide.The charge is recharged by applying an electric current to reverse the process.Compared with the lithium ion [y1] technology prevalent in current rechargeable batteries, lithium-air batteries can theoretically store much more energy, but their development faces several obstacles.

Changchun institute of applied chemistry of Chinese academy of sciences researcher at the national key laboratory of rare earth resource utilization xinbo zhang for science and technology journal reporter explained, first of all, the positive (y2) lithium oxide, and as a result of the existence of carbon dioxide and water vapor, will generate large amounts of harmful by-products in are desperately.As a result, most lithium-air batteries do not work long term in a truly natural air environment.In addition, since oxygen is a fuel booster, it can also pose serious security risks.

In the latest study, from the university of Illinois and the argonne national laboratory research team, the positive and negative of lithium air batteries and electrolytes are three main parts (battery), all got a unique combination of overcome these challenges.

They coated the lithium anode with a thin layer of lithium carbonate, which would allow lithium ions from the anode to enter the electrolyte and prevent other compounds from reaching the anode.In addition, the cathode of the new battery innovatively USES molybdenum disulfide as catalyst.In addition, the new electrolyte by ionic liquid and dimethyl sulfoxide (common components of the battery electrolyte), which can promote the main electrochemical reaction generating peroxide lithium, greatly reduced the occurrence of other side effects, and improve the efficiency of the battery.

xinbo zhang said: "the new battery design, greatly expanded the field of practical application of lithium air batteries, can attract more researchers into it, to vigorously promote the application of process of lithium air batteries."

However, researchers say there is still much work to be done to commercialize the latest experimental batteries.Zhang xinbo also pointed out that the cost of electrolyte in batteries cannot be ignored.