The New Material Is Said To Be Likely To Replace Lithium Ion Batteries

- Apr 28, 2018-

Researchers at Stanford university have discovered a new material that can store the same amount of electricity as a lithium ion battery at a lower cost, and the effect is undoubtedly more pronounced.

It is understood that this sodium base battery can reduce the cost of the same capacity by 80 percent. By combining sodium with the compound "inosiol", it is better economic than the traditional lithium-ion battery.

Of course, lithium-ion's performance advantage is still there, but it makes sense to look for alternatives in terms of cost and environmental protection.More importantly, sodium is more abundant in organic matter than lithium, and it is more convenient to extract.

But the research team also admitted that sodium base batteries are more focused on cost efficiency than energy density.In other words, to store the same amount of power, the physical volume required for a sodium base battery should be much larger.