The New Swiss Technology Significantly Improves The Practicability Of The Calcium Titanium Ore Solar Cell

- Oct 12, 2017-

Swiss scientists have raised the conversion efficiency of the calcium-titanium solar cell to 20% and make it more durable, promising to make the solar cells more commercially available.

The results are published in the new issue of the journal science.

Solar cells currently widely used silicon material, the photoelectric conversion efficiency can be as high as 25%, but the silicon solar cell production cost is high, a large number of energy consumption and environmental pollution, problems such as weight and hardness also didn't get very good solve.

In contrast, the low cost, lightweight calcium titanium mineral materials are favored.

Perovskite materials used light for the first time in 2009 v power, just a few years, the lab photoelectric conversion efficiency has been raised from 3% to 20%, is seen as a highly competitive, the most promising one of the photovoltaic technology to implement low cost power generation.

However, one limitation of the commercialization of the perovskite solar cell is that the material can attenuate easily in the sunlight.

The perovskite solar cells, which generate electrons and electron holes after receiving sunlight, need an efficient medium to transfer them to the electrodes.

The current media materials are costly and unstable, so finding stable and affordable media materials is key.

The study, by the federal institute of technology in lausanne, Switzerland, found that cuprous thiocyanate could be used as a cheap, stable medium.

If the calcium titanate solar cells were coated with 60 nanometer thick thiocyanate coating, the performance loss was less than 5% during the 1000-hour accelerated aging test at the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

"This is a breakthrough in the study of perovskite solar cell, will be for this promising new pave the way for large-scale commercial application of photovoltaic technology", one person involved in one of the researchers said.