The New Technology Will Give Electric Cars Five Minutes Of Electricity

- Sep 01, 2017-

StoreDot, an Israeli start-up known for making fast rechargeable batteries, announced the launch of the EV in 2015.Recently, the company says its electric car battery can be fully charged in five minutes and can support a car for 300 miles.

At the global start-up expo in Berlin, StoreDot introduced the technology, which is "an aggressive improvement on the structure of traditional lithium-ion batteries".The FlashBattery, which combines layers of nanomaterials and organic compounds, will significantly reduce the time it takes to recharge.In the introduction to the technology of video you can see, in StoreDot module running on the car will be equipped with 40 "pouch", each small bag contains FlashBattery technology, is changed by the short chains of amino acids is called a polypeptide of "nano", "nano" in hierarchical structure.These small bags combine to form a charging module.

According to StoreDot, the technology breaks the limits of conventional graphite-li-ion batteries and is safer than lithium-ion batteries because it is not flammable and burns hotter.The technology is now in advanced stages of development and will be officially released in three years, changing the way electric cars are charged.

Dr Doron Myersdorf, the co-founder of StoreDot, said: "rapid recharging is the key to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.Currently available battery technology requires a longer charging time, which makes the electric vehicle less able to meet the needs of the public.We are working with several strategic partners in the automotive field to help us accelerate our production process in Asia and to achieve mass production as soon as possible.