The New Train Of Charging Is The First 'light Storage' Power Station In Shanghai

- Oct 16, 2017-

With the increase of the number of new energy vehicles in China, charging becomes a major concern.

Recently, Shanghai's first "light ChuChong" integration, electric vehicle charging station was put into operation in the charging station building laid the 44 pieces of solar photovoltaic panels on the roof, photovoltaic power capacity is 11.66 kw, daily output of about 100 degrees.

The head of the Marketing Department of songjiang power supply company said that the construction of integrated charging station of "light storage and filling" is an innovative attempt by Shanghai electric power company in the construction of new energy vehicle charging stations.

Charging stations are using the clean energy supply, through the store electricity after the photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic (pv), energy storage and charging infrastructure form a micro nets, according to the demand with the public grid intelligent interaction, and can realize the interconnection, off-grid two different operation mode.

The use of energy storage system can also relieve the impact of charging pile large current charging on the regional power grid.

It is understood that the charging station has 12 dc charging piles for electric vehicles and a total of 44 solar photovoltaic panels, with a photovoltaic capacity of 11.66 kw and about 100 degrees of electricity per day.

The first floor energy storage equipment room has a storage system of "500 KWH /250 kw".

"Photovoltaic power generation system + energy storage system" runs on the grid of charging stations. If there is a rainy day or a large number of charging vehicles, the system will automatically switch to the power supply of the public grid.

Prices, according to the relevant standards, the local electric vehicle charging with basic electricity price + service charge fees (including parking) model, in what is now the summer time, the basic electricity price is 0.68 yuan/degree, service charge is 1.3 yuan/degree;

The basic electricity price in the non-summer period is 0.62 yuan/degree and the service charge is the same.

According to statistics, 173 electric cars were charged at the National Day Mid-Autumn festival holiday.