The Northeast Scale Of The Largest Time To Build Photovoltaic Power Station Grid Power Generation

- Aug 29, 2017-

China energy storage network: a 100MW fishery photovoltaic power station of yongji reservoir in dalian, dalian, liaoning province, successfully achieved full capacity and grid power on the 25th day.The total investment of the photovoltaic power station is 8.3 billion yuan, and the electricity generated by the grid will reach 130 million degrees in the next year. It is the largest single photovoltaic power station in northeast China.

Photovoltaic power generation as a major green clean energy has been developed rapidly in China in recent years.In the coastal area in dalian zhuanghe problem such as population density, less land resource, fishing light complementary as a new mode of comprehensive land use effectively overcome the problem of land resources of photovoltaic development bottleneck.

According to introducing, never forget reservoir fishing light complementary 100 mw photovoltaic power generation project is located in dalian, liaoning province zhuanghe chestnut house north of town never forget the reservoir area, the project construction began in April this year officially, site planning area of about 3000 mu, from dalian tai hong co., LTD., development and construction, total planning capacity is 100 mw.

After the completion of the project, the annual output up to 130 million degrees, compared with the ordinary coal-fired units, each year more than 41000 tons, can save BiaoMei corresponding can reduce various atmospheric pollutant emissions per year, of which 104000 tons of co2 emissions, 3137.48 tons of sulfur dioxide, 1562.78 tons of nitrogen oxides, and can also save a lot of fresh water resources.

Dalian tai hong co., LTD., has said, will heavily in the development of the photovoltaic power station at the same time, never forget reservoir in photovoltaic power station as the core, radiation surrounding timely development of wind power projects, efforts to the project to build the wind, light, fishing the integration of green energy base and ecological tourism area.