The Offshore Wind Farms Generate Electricity For The World

- Nov 27, 2017-

China energy storage net news: according to "central news agency" reports, the latest research 9 points out that in the vast sea established wind power generate electricity, greater than the land wind to produce electricity, even is expected to provide global electricity demand.

According to researchers at the Carnegie institution of science, high-speed winds on the sea produce five times more energy than onshore wind turbines.

At present, such deep-sea wind farms have not yet reached commercial scale, but the results suggest that the technology is worth promoting, although the power generation capacity varies from sea to sea.

The study in the journal of the national academy of sciences (PNAS), according to the study, which appeared in the "in winter, the north Atlantic wind field produced an effective power, enough to meet the current demand" all civilized countries, "in the summer, this kind of wind energy, perhaps can only bear the Europe or the United States alone".

According to the report, the study was based on a computer model that used electricity from a large wind farm in Kansas city, USA, to compare the benchmark.

These massive wind farms stand on a vast ocean.