The Pace Of New Energy Development Will Be Improved

- Nov 21, 2017-

China's energy storage network: how to focus on the new model and new business model of energy production and consumption to promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's new energy industry?

Recently, a "new town, new energy, new life" as the theme of the summit BBS in wuxi, jiangsu province.

Experts and entrepreneurs from the government departments and at home and abroad have conducted extensive and in-depth discussions.

In 2016, according to the relevant authorities, the Chinese polysilicon production, around half of the world pv form output accounting for almost 70% of the world, world's ten biggest photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises, China's share of eight, shipments into the top ten global fan fan manufacturing enterprises in China accounts for four.

For the first time, China's new energy consumption surpassed that of the us as the world's largest, accounting for about one-fifth of the world's total new energy use.

Experts believe that while China's new energy sector continues to grow at a high speed, it still faces a series of difficulties and challenges.

Therefore, it is important to realize that China's new energy development is not yet balanced enough, and it is far from enough to meet the needs of the energy production and consumption revolution.

How to solve the problem of new energy development?

The government departments and experts and entrepreneurs at home and abroad have made common knowledge in the full impact of their ideas and experiences, and put forward the following Suggestions:

We will further implement the 13th five-year plan, promote sound and orderly development of the industry, and improve the guidance mechanism for new energy development and utilization.

In accordance with the task of decomposition, we will gradually achieve the target of 15% of non-fossil energy consumption, and strengthen the supervision and assessment of local governments and related enterprises.

To carry out the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning" implementation guidelines, all kinds of renewable energy development as a whole, strictly implement the renewable energy power generation full of affordable acquisition system, and guarantee the rights for generating electricity by renewable energy projects is preferred.

Pace of new energy development should be grasped, improve the level of new energy use, establish and improve the wind power, photovoltaic power generation investment monitoring, early warning and evaluation system, strictly limited abandon the abandoned areas of new projects, light guide the overall development layout.

Wind red alert area shall not be approved to build new wind power projects, photovoltaic evaluation result for the red area, in principle was temporarily not give annual new construction scale, it is strictly prohibited to disguised by first building, first have to expand the scale of construction of photovoltaic power generation.

We need to promote technological progress and cost reduction to boost the quality and efficiency of industries.

Through market competition, promote the superior bad discard, eliminate backward production capacity, organization wind power parity Internet demonstration, encourage photovoltaic competitive resources, further improve the pacesetter "pv" project technical requirements, to encourage advanced technology applications.

We will actively promote the reduction of renewable energy costs, and promote wind power and photovoltaic power parity online.

We need to improve the management system of the new energy industry to ensure that the implementation is sound and rapid.

Improve the renewable energy, green power certificate voluntary subscription trading system, encourage the whole society to carry out the green electricity certificate voluntary subscription, timely launch of renewable energy quota certificate of assessment and green constraint trades, accelerate the system reform, and improve the renewable energy scale parallel operation of electric power dispatching system and mechanism, perfect wind, photovoltaic power generation price policy coordination, to carry out the feed-in tariff, exit mechanism, to ensure the realization of wind power parity on the Internet, 2020 photovoltaic electricity side parity online goal in 2020.