The Policy Is Good For Micro Grid To Usher In The Development Opportunity Period

- Aug 26, 2017-

In the context of the development of large-scale distributed clean energy, micro-grid, as an effective management scheme for distributed power supply, has become an important development direction of modern power grid.

Recently, the national development and reform commission, the national energy administration issued by the "trial measures for promoting the construction of grid type micro grid", aims to promote the reform of energy supply side, promoting the healthy development of the micro grid and specification, to guide on-site given in distributed energy and renewable energy, establishing pluralistic integration, the interaction of supply and demand, effective configuration of energy production and consumption system.The unique advantages of the micro-grid itself, the development of innovative technologies, and the policy benefits are creating opportunities for its development, or will usher in a new outbreak point.

Micro grid deployment emphasizes the application of new technology, the distributed energy around a common goal to collaborate, and to help operators to develop the analysis of the operation and management of interconnected system can be optimized strategy, and alleviate the bidirectional power system design limitations.In the global energy efficiency management and schneider electric experts in the field of automation, micro power grid reliability, easy access to energy in the energy, energy independence and energy cost optimization has prominent advantages.First, the micro grid can be independent of the main power grid to achieve self-sufficiency, thus improving the elasticity of power supply.When major problems are encountered in the main power grid, the micro-grid can be decoupled quickly and can still be powered from local power supply.In addition, it is possible to prepare for a microgrid by means of an intentional preventive strategy in the event of a predictable risk.When the micro-grid itself becomes problematic, the micro-grid can be backed up and reconfigured automatically.

In terms of energy access, the micro-grid can accelerate the deployment of smart grids and increase access to energy for people in developing countries.It is also possible to reduce fossil fuel consumption by integrating more renewable electricity generation, contributing to the realization of "energy independence".In addition, micro-grid can optimize energy structure and grid balance with energy flexibility, and optimize energy cost.One of its goals is self-sufficient in place of renewable green energy consumption, so that can provide the replaced part or all of the main grid energy, thereby helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy.Another goal is to optimize the participation of demand response programs by using distributed generation of on-site generation as a flexible energy resource.

In terms of deployment, the micro-grid is based on its strengths, aiming to meet the expectations of global energy transformation, such as economy, low-carbon and security, through efficient and distributed energy integration and flexible control.In order to meet these performance targets, micro-grid technology needs to be optimized and innovated in the following aspects: system control and protection, distributed energy management and energy control.

In the past five years, photovoltaic power generation electricity cost to fall by more than 50%, energy storage costs fell by more than 50%, the two micro power grid construction of rapid decline in the cost of the most important trend continues, indicates the age of the micro grid is approaching step by step.At the same time, substantial progress in distributed energy fields such as solar power generation and energy storage, and the Internet of things have created a new capacity for collaboration and optimization in the development of micro-grid.The micro-grid is becoming a catalyst for energy transformation and is expected to see new growth with policy support.In China, micro-grid is entering a new growth period, becoming more and more market players into the power world.