The Power Battery Technology Is Still To Be Broken Through

- Aug 31, 2017-

China energy storage net news: in recent years, with the rapid development of new energy automobile market in China, as its core component of power battery demand gap further, improve the concentration of power battery industry, but also the excess production capacity, technical challenges still to be a breakthrough, battery recycling remained obstacles such as industry development bottleneck.

"There are two problems with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, one is the range and the other is security."Chen liquan, an academician at the Chinese academy of engineering, said that the industry should focus on the research and development of the battery in order to solve the bottlenecks and safety problems of new energy vehicles.

In general, power battery is divided into lead-acid battery, nickel metal hydride battery and lithium battery, etc., due to the energy density and performance of lithium-ion batteries have comparative advantage, has now become the main choice of domestic new energy vehicles.According to different material system, the lithium battery is divided into different types, including batteries, lithium iron phosphate ternary lithium batteries, lithium manganese acid battery, such as different types of lithium batteries and all aspects of performance and price of each are not identical, have their own advantages and disadvantages.

National new energy automotive innovation project team Wang Binggang said the core parts of power batteries for electric vehicles, maintain rapid growth in recent years, a group of outstanding enterprise power battery has been one of the world power battery industry.

According to the statistics of relevant research institutions, the total number of lithium dynamic battery companies shipped in China reached 30.5 GWh in 2016, up 79.4 percent from 17.0 GWh in 2015.In addition, the cost of battery is 40 to 60 percent of the total production cost of new energy passenger vehicles, and its technological progress plays a crucial role in the development of the whole new energy automobile industry.

Wang Binggang believes that the future power battery industry to continuous innovation, improve the battery performance, enterprises should make great efforts to design a high security battery products, have to close alliance with the automobile enterprise at the same time, take the concept of lean production, efforts to reduce the cost.

It is generally believed that tend to be monomer battery power battery after series, parallel and aggregation of the monomer battery in the process of material, manufacturing differences tend to lead to inconsistencies between the monomer.The consistency and stability of power batteries in China have long been criticized, but this situation is greatly improved in the actual production process of enterprises.

Tianjin lishen battery joint-stock co., LTD., strategic planning department minister Yang hua combined with the situation said the enterprise, the consistency of power battery for a long time is difficult problem in the development of industry and the short board, power battery products to achieve safety and high energy density, stable performance, before production will keep quality analysis of product equipment and various production links, do fuel digital, digital equipment, digital technology, digital and digital measurement environment and through intelligent manufacturing cell increased security, consistency, especially to ensure the consistency of the whole life cycle of products.

Hin high-tech power energy co., LTD. Hefei countries battery dean Zhang Hongli also think, in the early stage of the cell design, to give full consideration to the temperature range, the consistency of the life, safety, energy density, the corresponding key technology research and development, and then realize industrialization application.

Research data show that by 2018, our country power lithium battery waste recycling market will take shape, the cumulative power lithium batteries more than 12 GWH scrap, discarded amount more than 170000 tons, to 2023 waste lithium power battery market will reach 25 billion yuan.

Now, with the explosive growth in new energy vehicles, over the next few years will no doubt have a lot of power battery "retired", at the appointed time, power battery cascade utilization and battery recycling will become a have to face the reality of the problem.

"The recycling of power batteries is imminent, and there will be geometric growth in the future. If the arrangement is not good, it could be a new environmental disaster."Mr. Wang said that power battery recycling should not only be verbal but also specific, so that the industry can improve.

According to zhangjiagang zheng the executive vice President of tsinghua university institute of remanufacturing industry institute Yun is introduced, in order to solve the problem of waste power battery processing, our country already has more than 30 industrial policy, encourages power battery arrangement in use, has been clear about the electric automobile production enterprises to undertake electric car power waste battery recycling main responsibilities, cascade use of battery production enterprises cascade used battery recycling and utilization of the main responsibility, retrieving and dismantling scrapped automobiles enterprises shall be responsible for the power battery recycling scrapped automobiles.