The Price Of Single Crystal PERC Battery Began To Fall, And Highly Efficient Products Competed Fiercely

- Oct 27, 2017-

China energy storage net news: according to the set consulting new energy research center (EnergyTrend) analysis, prices this week continued the trend of the first two weeks, the upper reaches of the silicon material price for overhaul production but there is still demand;

The price of the silicon chip is affected by the price of the upstream raw materials and the lower price of the downstream batteries.

The battery chip continues to be reduced by the MIP trade barrier, which leads to the competition escalation and the price drop.

Component prices, which have benefited from falling battery prices, have also started to slide slightly, echoing a fall in prices that developers had expected last year and this year.

Silicon material

Silicon is continuing to rise slightly this week.

The spot market has been a little nervous since the big plant began to carry out maintenance from the third quarter to the fourth quarter. The average price of the transaction has been moved up slightly, but it is still stable overall.

The wafer

The silicon chip is located in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain of the saw position: the upstream silicon is still high price, the downstream battery chip and the component have a price fall, the silicon chip manufacturer needs to choose between the poly and the market.

In the case that the manufacturer does not have a clear consensus on the market, the quotation is relatively difficult to open, so it can only be kept flat.

The demand for the diamond cut polysilicon tablets is robust, but the output is still limited to the wire and the production capacity, and the high prices of some manufacturers have been raised and reflected in the price increase.


This week, Taiwan's multi-chip battery prices continued to be close to the Chinese mainland's USD 0.225/W level.

Because the support of the battery market has shifted to the component factories in mainland China, it has been more competitive with lu.

PERC battery price also continue to test this week, the European Union to reduce trade barriers means that competition, high efficiency single crystal PERC PERC need and inefficiency and factory to market competition, lu pulled goods falling demand at the same time, because the United States, Europe to become the world's first choice of efficient production target market, in the ascension in shows the efficient sales pressure, and thus reflected in a drop in prices.

At present, the single crystal PERC price of the land plant is maintained at RMB 2.05-2.2/ W, and the price of the factory is at USD 0.28-0.3/ W.


The price of components fell slightly this week, thanks to lower battery prices, reflecting expectations of lower component prices in global markets.

This quarter of global demand is concentrated in China, India, Japan, Turkey, and central and South America in large scale continues to deliver goods, provide stable demand components and cell must support, but the market still need to wait for subsequent movements distributed demand in November in China are expanding to clear.