The Prospect Of Power Lithium Battery Recycling Is Promising.

- Jun 09, 2020-

In the past two years, the number of new energy vehicles in my country has risen rapidly, and the step-by-step utilization and recycling of power lithium-ion batteries have also become a problem that the industry must face. According to the prediction of my country Automobile Technology Research Center, by 2020, my country's pure electric (including plug-in) passenger cars and hybrid passenger car power lithium battery cumulative scrap will reach 12-17 million tons.

A 20-gram mobile phone battery can contaminate the water of three standard swimming pools. If it is discarded on the land, it can pollute 1 square kilometer of land for about 50 years. Imagine that if a few tons of electric vehicle power lithium batteries are discarded in the natural environment, a large number of heavy metals and chemical substances entering nature will cause greater pollution to the environment. Wu Feng, a professor at Beijing Institute of Technology, said publicly.

The waste power lithium battery seems to be at the end of its life, but through recycling technologies such as disassembly and purification, the raw material elements such as nickel cobalt manganese and other raw materials are returned to the power lithium battery industry in the form of new elements. The end of the life of old products is also the beginning of the production of new products.

In addition to stepping up key technology breakthroughs such as dismantling, reorganization, testing and life prediction of used lithium-ion batteries, the company also needs to formulate incentive rules for the recovery and reuse of power lithium-ion batteries and establish a reward and punishment mechanism. Such as punishment for companies that fail to perform their duties and obligations in accordance with the recycling policy, subsidies or tax incentives for recycling and recycling companies according to the number of batteries, capacity, etc., and encourage business model innovation pilot and promotion and application.