The Rapid Development Of Industry Has Raised Higher Requirements For Unmanned Vehicles

- Aug 29, 2017-

In recent years, as the concept of "industry 4.0" has been heating up, it has had a great impact on the logistics industry.Height of 4.0 s, industrial production and logistics, has become increasingly blurred the boundaries between them, the customer demand on logistics is becoming more and more individuation, diversification, for logistics equipment of agv automation efficient, flexible, etc. Put forward higher requirements.

The intelligent logistics control system of future intelligent factory has served as the link between the production equipment and the target.Therefore, AGV robot as AGV logistics system supplier needs more industrial 4.0 after further discussion on the change of the intelligent logistics, deepen the understanding of the logistics market demand in China, to supply customers with higher degree of flexibility of AGV products.

In the future, the intelligent warehousing demand will be equipped with a high level of automation equipment and a higher security level software system, so as to improve the traditional logistics operation method, improve the logistics power, and decrease the labor cost.In addition, in the intelligent logistics solution, how to realize the modularization and standardization of the products, and thus the flexibility of the products, these are the questions that need to be considered.

Intelligent logistics is the core component of industry 4.0, which is the ultimate solution to the decline of warehousing and logistics.In the smart factory framework of industry 4.0, intelligent logistics warehousing is located at the back end, which is the core link between manufacturing end and client.

With the rapid development of social economy, the agv gradually occupy a position in the market, and can supply high power, low level of capital, high quality and green service, bring logistics professional earth-shaking change.The AGV variety is also many, believe not long after, AGV function also will be diversified.