The Rational Return Of Graphite Electrode Is Beneficial To The Healthy Development Of Graphite Electrode Industry

- Oct 16, 2017-

China energy storage net news: after 4 to 8 months of graphite electrode prices have soared, recently the limit production of environmental protection and the influence of graphite electrode market supply increases, the recent seemingly graphite electrode needs to shrink, graphite electrode actual transaction prices fell, but based on the graphite electrode is good and the healthy development of the industry, the early stage of the far from the actual prices of the graphite electrode rational regression is inevitable.

And graphite electrode increasing demand by the downstream enterprises and products in short supply, is an increase in the price of graphite electrode, graphite electrode actual clinch a deal the price breaks through 200000 yuan/ton, is unexpected.

It is only a matter of time before the rational regression of the graphite-electrode price innovation is a matter of time.

Into graphite electrode domestic enterprises and production in September, increase yield of pouring into the market, combined with graphite electrode quality appear the phenomenon of uneven on the market, in the winter limit production of environmental protection under the catalysis of downstream demand for steel and shrinking, purchasing slowdown in the background, the graphite electrode companies offer began turning point.

Given the high price of the graphite electrode, both supply and demand are cautious, and once the market is bearish, it is not surprising that the market is a mess.

Coupled with some speculative factors, the recent decline in the price of graphite electrode has been greatly exaggerated.

For now to supply graphite electrode, the authenticity of the ultra high power graphite electrode, especially the large size high power graphite electrode supply growth is not obvious, and inventories are extremely limited.

It's just that the downstream demand is going down in the short term.

But if mainstream companies lead the price cuts, only the acceleration of the price of the graphite electrode will be reduced, and the losses will be in the interests of the whole industry.

In the case of the graphene electrode of the high raw material cost in July and August, the product launch market was also in December.

In the near term, the reasonable reduction of graphite electrode price is also rational regression, which is beneficial to the healthy development of graphite electrode industry.

Final recommendations:

1. A moderate downward trend in the price of graphite electrode is conducive to the healthy development of the industry. However, some enterprises may also have difficulty in maintaining their own interests while the panic reduction or selling of some enterprises destabilize the market.

2, graphite electrode, profit driven, please, to increase production and production of graphite electrode companies also want to see clear, full recovery of graphite electrode market in 2017, is the national reform of supply side and nearly 10 years of graphite electrode loss and production enterprises, the role of policy factors is the key.

Blindly increasing production, reproducing, and ampliation bring only a sharp drop in the price of graphite electrode, and the entire graphite electrode industry enters the next cycle.