The Research Results Of Dalian University Of Technology Have Increased The Life Of Nickel And Zinc Batteries By 10 Times

- Apr 13, 2018-

On April 12, li mingqiang, an associate professor of energy and power at dalian university of technology, made a major breakthrough in green power batteries, increasing the cycle life of nickel-zinc batteries by 10 times.The results were published in the journal nature.

As an ancient power battery, nickel-zinc battery has many advantages, especially the safety and environmental protection features are most suitable for driving electric buses.However, the current commercial nickel and zinc batteries generally have short circulation life, and the cycle life is rarely more than 1000 times, which greatly limits its application on electric buses.

In recent years, ming-qiang li group has been committed to improving nickel zinc battery cycle life, through cooperation with associate professor xiao-liang zhang, using zinc oxide of graphene in situ clipping technology, build new nickel zinc battery cathode material, used in the secondary battery.Capacity of battery cycle life of up to 10000 times, the attenuation rate is only 0.0011%, the maximum discharge capacity is 2603 mah/g, effectively solve the problem of low nickel zinc battery cathode cycle life, the literature has significant improvement.

At present, the research group has successfully assembled the electric bicycle and the 5-kilowatt liquid energy storage battery module based on this kind of battery, and conducted the pilot production in the relevant enterprises.