The Road Of PLB Under The 4th Industrial Revolution

- Oct 24, 2016-

“The 4th Industrial Revolution ”was born in the development of the global manufacture. China has been a world factory for long time of OEM and ODM, meanwhile the domestic manufactures develop remarkably. And lots of rough machining, low value added Germany industries flowed into China. Germany proposed the plan "The 4th Industrial Revolution " in order to achieve another industrial revolution; Since American put the banking business in the first page, and overlooked the manufacture, they raised the idea that RE industrialization; while Japan become the represent of the lean production. For the sake of China factories' challenge, those developed countries decided to upgrade their manufactures.


At the same time, with the rapid development of internet science and technology,

industries are based on the needs, achieving the whole process. Customers buy what factories production before, and from now on factories made what customers' needs. It's all depend on you to choose the goods. Customer can decide the whole producing process through manufacturing execution system. So turning the production organization and enterprise operation into the consumer terminal.


Facing the challenge of "The 4th Industrial Revolution", Chinese leaders put forward the initiative "Made in China 2025",so it is the tendency to upgrade industrial structure. Dongguan Power Long Battery Technology Co., Ltd has brought a set of highly automated equipment, and produced a mass of high security, high consistency, high reliability batteries through the production information management system--testing the raw materials, monitoring the R & D production process. Furthermore PLB has achieved information management and automation production.