The Road To Power Battery Recycling Is Bumpy.

- Aug 08, 2019-

In recent years, with the encouragement and support of national policies, China's new energy automobile industry has risen strongly. While developing rapidly, it has also brought revolutionary challenges to the adjustment of China's automobile industry. On this basis, it is estimated that by 2020, the power battery powered by China's new energy vehicles will be retired at large scale for the first time.

Small - scale enterprises in which the recycling market chaos.
Recently, the small make up of battery China website opened the browser search "power battery recycling", found a large number of "professional power battery recycling" ads filled the page, some enterprises even advertised that they can provide the highest price of power battery recycling in China. Small series through telephone, WeChat and other ways to communicate found that many of these so-called "power battery recycling enterprises" do not have the power battery recycling qualification; Another part is attached to the name of some waste materials recycling companies, recycling categories are also various. When xiaobian repeatedly asked for proof of the company's qualification in power battery recycling, the staff were hesitant or hemmed and hawed.
Previously, had some experts expressed concerns about power battery recycling in China market, "power battery recycling market, a mess at present has not yet formed perfect recycling system, commercial pattern continues to explore, such as the informal recycling channel hung out in the small mill, greatly upset the order of the market healthy development", at the same time, also very likely there is a greater risk of environmental pollution.
According to statistics, the total amount of decommissioned and scrapped power batteries in China reached 74,000 tons in 2018, and the recycling amount of power batteries was only 5,472 tons, accounting for only 7.4% of the total amount of scrapped power batteries. The recycling rate of power batteries was far from the expectation, among which there were some waste power batteries flowing into informal recycling channels.
Earlier, the national ministry of industry and information technology, ministry of science and technology, ministry of environmental protection of ecological environment (now), the ministry of transport, ministry of commerce, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and national energy bureau jointly issued by the new energy vehicle power battery recycling management interim measures "has clearly put forward, will continue to encourage auto production enterprises, battery production enterprises, comprehensive utilization of retrieving and dismantling scrapped automobiles enterprises and companies through a variety of forms such as, cooperation, common old power battery recycling channel.

Some industry insiders see the policy is good, Shouting "tuyere coming", while speeding up the beach 10 billion blue ocean, said it is the last piece of power battery industry chain "cake". According to this beautiful "script" trend, the development of power battery recycling industry should be like "Yang chaoyue" general koi appendage, comprehensive good. Admittedly, there is a lot of room for growth in the power battery recycling market.According to the China automotive technology research center, the cumulative decommissioning and scrapping of electric vehicle power batteries in China will reach 120,000 to 170,000 tons by 2020, and the market size may exceed 30 billion yuan by 2022.

Large-scale scrapping of power batteries is surging, but there are still shortcomings in the construction of power battery recycling system, which requires upstream and downstream enterprises to "cooperate" and make joint efforts in the following aspects to promote the healthy and stable sustainable development of China's power battery recycling industry.Raise the access threshold to ensure the safety and environmental protection of the recycling line; Reasonable pricing to reduce recovery costs; Accelerate the research and project approval of related standards in the process of power battery recycling, and improve the automatic and intelligent process of recycling equipment; Improve the supervision system and clarify relevant regulations; We will work methodically to promote pilot recycling programs, cultivate benchmark enterprises, and explore environmentally friendly commercial recycling models. Increase publicity efforts to enhance consumer awareness of safety and environmental protection.

The road of power battery recycling is "difficult and long", and there will always be different troubles and challenges in the process of industry development. However, we firmly believe that "we will come". With the continuous breakthrough of recycling technology, the gradual improvement of recycling system and the increasing expansion of recycling scale. It is believed that these problems and challenges will no longer be obstacles to the progress of the power battery recycling industry.