The Robot Congress Settled Permanently In Beijing

- Sep 01, 2017-

On August 23rd meeting of National People's Congress at the 2017 world machine, Beijing first release robot industry innovation and development road map, put forward "the robots built by 2025 global emerging industry innovation center" of the strategic vision, and Beijing economic and technological development zone has become a world conference on robot permanent address.

As here are trying to build the "made in China 2025 demonstration zone", is becoming to also create intelligent robots have been completed: enterprise bay industrial park, as the core of robot industry innovation base, has attracted special robots to Harbin institute of technology group, yaskawa shougang co., LTD., and so on a number of industry leading and robot research and development institutions, enterprises amounted to about 100 robots, industry scale, about 30

One hundred million yuan.

As A result, investors have investment vision think positive attention in the field of intelligent robot China investment opportunities brought by the innovation and creativity, this also is China and developed countries in the future industrial field corner overtaking another opportunity, is also the opportunity of investors: robot, hkust xunfei day, thinking of electronic, navigation, and wave information, guangzhou CNC, zhangjiang hi-tech, hong science and technology, strong medical benefit, jingdong A, etc.