The Robot Goes To Burr To Promote The Automatic Upgrade Of Foundry

- Aug 17, 2017-

Indian companies to Grind the Master is the metal surface processing and the market leader in the field of trimming machine, since January 2016, the Master will KR AGILUS series of small robot successfully integrated into its product portfolio, in order to become a KUKA systems integration partner in India.

The surface processing of A class parts of automobile, motorcycle and pedal car not only requires high quality but also requires high consistency.How to improve production efficiency while ensuring quality is always the challenge of foundry.

In the past, the removal of such die-casting aluminum components of burrs, and finishing grinding and polishing, mostly rely on temporary manual operation.In addition to artificial, product quality will also be affected by temperature, smoke and dust.The foundries have to find the right solution to change the backward situation.

The KUKA robot ensures excellent product quality and high consistency

Grind Master company to solve the problem of foundry, ultimately choose to KR AGILUS sixx small robot is introduced into the product portfolio, designed a set of automated die-casting aluminum components based on robot deburring solution, to ensure that the height of the product consistency and quality.This solution, while reducing the overall cost, has also increased the production efficiency of foundries.

Robot solutions beat linear processing

Grind Master selects robot solutions and non-linear entrances mainly take into account the flexibility of various parts combinations to the processing requirements, and the complexity of the model's frequent upgrades and shapes.The quality consistency of the aluminum casting parts processed by KUKA robot exceeds the requirements of Grind Master standard.Not only to create a safe and healthy working environment, can produce high quality parts, suitable for different countries actual production needs, the robot deburring solution completely changed the old patterns of parts machining, foundry promoted the foundry automation reconstruction.