The Significance Of AGV Robot For Intelligent Manufacturing

- Aug 14, 2017-

With the advent of intelligent manufacturing factory has become an irreversible trend of the development of intelligence, AGV as an important core part of automation technology upgrading, undoubtedly become one of the concerns of the industry.The AGV robot is widely loved by the enterprise because of its beautiful appearance, stable lifting, stable and durable, flexible operation and so on.

In the first half of the year, the development of major manufacturing industries shows that 2017 can be regarded as an intelligent leap period, and this trend is becoming more and more obvious, and a new era of intelligence has arrived.

With the advent of intelligent technology, the factory has become an irreversible trend of the development of intelligence, at the same time, the rising cost of manpower, enterprise the huge demand for all kinds of energy resources, also raised the tide of the development of industrial automation equipment industry.As an industrial base, the production and circulation of goods are more urgent to upgrade the automation.

At present, China's manufacturing industry has accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading, and automated production has gradually been valued and applied by enterprises, which has continuously promoted the development process of industry 4.0.As an important core component of automation technology upgrading, AGV has undoubtedly become one of the focus of the industry.

As is known to all, AGV AGV is flexible production line and the three-dimensional library storage system is one of the key equipment such as modernization, with high degree of automation, sensitive, security, and so on characteristics, so in the automotive, home appliances, heavy industry, and other automated production and storage system is widely used.

In the system of flexible production line, the AGV robot mainly completed the operation of material handling and transportation.The AGV handling robot can realize the automatic access and unloading station, the workbench and the shelf of the machine for 24 hours, and fully adapt to the long working time, large amount of handling, complex and flexible high requirements of handling lines.

With its beautiful shape, smooth lifting, strong and durable, flexible operation etc., AGV robot widely popular with the enterprise, when material handling gradually increased, the use of automatic AGV AGV became more.

In the past two years, China's AGV robot sales have continued to grow, and the industry expects the sales volume of domestic AGV robots to reach 9500 in 2017, with a year-on-year growth rate of over 40%.In view of the domestic market, the demand for AGV is increasing in many new industries, while the automation industry such as electronics, automobile and home appliances will remain AGV's main application market for some time.

At present, the domestic manufacturing of more and more attention to the quality and efficiency of industrial manufacturing, artificial intelligence, it is very important in such an environment, its development speed also to speed up with large increase in demand.In this respect, AGV is the right assistant of the generation plant, warehouse and so on. The following three main advantages are:

For companies, the most attractive advantage is that agvs can save costs.AGV can work 24 hours without stopping, and it can replace 100 workers in some production links, and it only takes 1-2 people to watch.This not only greatly reduces labor costs, but it is far more efficient than manual labor.

Second, the introduction of AGV work, resulting in more stable production.The duration of each operation in AGV is fixed in the process of work, which means that the time of each finished product is also fixed, so that the production can be guaranteed by stability.Moreover, the product yield is high, which is in line with the interests of the enterprise.

In addition, AGV can be used instead of artificial, and it can guarantee the safety of employees' work.With AGV production, the safety of workers can be guaranteed to a greater extent.There will be no inductrial injury accident caused by negligence or fatigue work, use of AGV can ensure safety in production, in addition, in some more dangerous work, adopt the AGV operation, higher precision, the stability is better, stronger security.