The Solutions Of Portable UPS In The Outdoor Communication Industry

- Jul 31, 2019-

Engaged in lithium battery UPS power industry for many years, accumulated rich professional experience, to provide users with stable, safe, portable products and perfect power energy solutions. Outdoor portable UPS is a safe, portable, efficient and environmentally friendly small energy storage system, which can provide you with a very portable sustainable green energy solution.


With 5G network communication construction, 3 nets fusion of the pilot, the rapid development of mobile users, and the cloud computing trend in the future, will be more and more demand for data center, more and more people rely on the network, data center data protection is very important, in order to ensure the data is not easy to lost of the data center, the first is to ensure that cannot be a power outage, so the data center construction and the power supply scheme is crucial.


In view of the vast majority of IT equipment in the communication network room, such as server, router, switch, optical terminal machine, gateway, disk array machine and communication equipment, the allowed instantaneous power interruption time is only about 0.01-0.02 seconds. This means: for the critical communication load system, if there is a "instantaneous power interruption" fault of more than 0.02 seconds in operation, it will cause the "network paralysis" accident. Once the network is down, it often takes tens of minutes -- hours -- to get the entire network working again.

Obviously, this will bring huge economic losses to users. For the above reasons, we must consider eliminating the potential "single point bottleneck" fault in the outdoor portable UPS output power supply system to ensure the continuity of power supply for these key IT load devices.


Outdoor portable UPS power supply is light and small in size. It adopts environmental protection, small in size, large in capacity and light in weight lithium iron phosphate battery as strong support to ensure continuous work of important loads and adequate power supply. Designed for outdoor emergency, it has light weight, high capacity, great power, overvoltage, overload, short circuit protection design, super power pure sine wave output.


One of the biggest fears of outdoor workers or campers is that their equipment will run out of power. At this time, we need a centralized power supply for these devices, and to support the use of various voltage devices. What kind of power supply has such a function? For outdoor needs, outdoor portable UPS power supply is the best choice for different digital charging.


The advantage of portable UPS power applied outdoors:
1,Overall structural design
The overall structure design of portable UPS is designed for better user experience in the outdoors. For example, in terms of appearance design, a small portable UPS has the appearance of a single backpack, which can be carried with small size. The portable UPS with large volume looks like a suitcase and adopts the design of pull rod box, which is convenient to transport and move quickly from one site to another.
Most of the external materials of outdoor portable UPS are imported high-strength engineering plastics, which have strong anti-fall, anti-seismic, fire prevention and rainproof properties. The inner material is lithium battery pack with large capacity, small volume, light weight and large power.
3,High power protection
AC 220V/110V super power pure sine wave output, with overvoltage, overload, short circuit protection design,overload/overcurrent/overcharge/overdischarge protection and protection wall protection design.
4,High performance lithium iron phosphate battery
High performance lithium iron phosphate battery is adopted as energy storage reserve, which is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry, providing reliable power supply guarantee for various emergency scenarios.