The South Korean Team Has Developed A New Environmentally Friendly Hydrogen Production Technology

- Mar 29, 2018-

According to the Korea institute of science and technology, the institute's fuel cell research center has developed a new technology for hydrogen production.The results are published in the international journal Applied Catalysis B: Environmental.

As an important solution to global climate change, countries around the world are paying more and more attention to hydrogen fuel cars.At present, most of the hydrogen fuel is produced from fossil fuels such as natural gas, which is highly polluting.The existing process technology is to apply the powder to the physical application. In this process, a large number of catalysts (1~5mg/cm2) are used, and the coating protective film must be made.Developed the team through the electrolyte, can be in iridium oxide porous metal support inside coating electrode technology, this technology has a strong ability of electrochemical hydrogen preparation and durability, and can reduce catalyst usage and simplify electrode production technological process, have the market price competitiveness.

Team by adjusting the electrolyte separation conditions, can control the nuances of iridium oxide structure, the homogeneous formation of trace iridium oxide conditions were determined, through the decomposition of water and electricity device, in small amounts of precious metals (0.4 mg/cm2) produced high quality hydrogen, and confirmed the iridium oxide layer under the condition of the decomposition of water and electricity, can be used as porous metal supporting body protective film.

Research team said the development of electrolyte iridium oxide catalyst, protective film technology has the dual role of corrosion and improve the efficiency of reaction, for hydrogen fuel and renewable energy technology research and development to provide the help.