The Standard Of Electric Goods Vehicles Will Increase The Speed Of Increase In The Transportation Market

- Oct 16, 2017-

Related media has learned from the department of transportation highway research institute, the ministry of transport will be introduced for pure electric truck operating electric truck vehicle selection of technical requirements, the pure electric truck transportation system's operating set standards of access.


According to the introduction, the transportation department highway science research institute, as the drafting unit of the standard, will form a press release by the end of 2017, which is expected to be announced in 2018.

Conditions for the establishment of this specification is due at the time, after all, the domestic electric logistics transportation market of the accelerating trend of electric vehicles, are about to hit the market, and the electric truck market environment and industry status quo is worrying, policy will need to be imported into the track of benign development of the industry.

On the one hand, electricity, promoted the rapid development of modern logistics transportation industry, the demand for transportation and delivery vehicles has been a rising tide lifts all boats, compared with the traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicle logistics has the environmental protection and no advantage, and thus more timeliness of electric vehicles for the industry.


So far this year, the e-commerce giants including newbie Internet,, gome, shunfeng and shentong have all announced their replacement plans for electric logistics vehicles.

Dongfeng motor, land ark, chengdu yajun and other car companies have also laid down pure electric logistics vehicles to operate the market.

Despite the rapid development and good prospects of the electric truck market, there is a lack of industry standards and market regulations, while the health development of the industry depends on the establishment and improvement of industry norms.

On the other hand because of the lack of industry standards, led to the development of the electric car industry logistics "savage growth", mainly embodied in low-quality low-priced market competition, product homogeneity serious, range and battery attenuation, after-sales service is not perfect, vehicle higher failure rate a series of problems.

Currently on the market of traditional fuel vehicle is converted into a pure electric vehicle logistics norm, the product is given priority to with minivan and light trucks, mainly through traditional chassis and power battery of key parts such as "scrambled", generally over 10% failure rate.

After the standard is released, the entry threshold for pure electric goods vehicles will be set in the market, and the enterprises will be forced to carry out positive research and development, which will help improve the quality of products and eliminate backward production capacity.

Transport highway research institute Li Xiao automobile transportation technology research center, said: "the next stage of the transportation industry is the guiding ideology, to use a good car, good car, we hope to pick out some suitable models of transport enterprises, in this case, you need to access management, this paper set up the standard threshold, from the use of good cars and better car to solve the two aspects of."

Transport vehicle electrification throughout the international market, also has been a trend, as early as last year, tesla, Benz, mitsubishi FUSO multinational automakers have released electric truck plan of building cars, and domestic such as byd, walter innovation alliance, geely, jianghuai, dongfeng, cimc group companies such as electric truck plan is already on the agenda, at the same time Uber, Google and baidu, apple and other technology giants actively promote automatic driving technology is also intended to get their hands on the future commercial transportation field.

Although musk announced a few days ago, due to the capacity of Model 3 tesla had to deal with battery suppliers affected by the hurricane, and Puerto Rico's electric trucks Semi release will be postponed until November 16.

However, the trend of electric vehicles in the transportation sector has already arrived. In the face of the development trend of electric vehicles, the government should be prepared to do so, and industry policies and regulations should be developed as soon as possible.