The State Grid Has Donated 236 Rural Pv Poverty-alleviation Power Stations To Hubei Province

- Sep 16, 2017-

China energy storage net news: on September 14, state grid corporation donation that the hubei invested 437 million yuan to build 236 village of pv power station for poverty alleviation assets handed over to the signing ceremony held in yichang of hubei, to be completed for state power to win out of poverty has played a leading role in demonstration.

Zhou ji, member of the standing committee of the CPC central committee and the party secretary of yichang, the chief accountant of state grid corporation, member of the party committee and director of national grid public welfare foundation li ruge attended the ceremony.

Li Ruge, according to state grid company has always been to conduct electricity as a major political task, for poverty alleviation as practice "four consciousness", "six power" of state-owned enterprises action, into the enterprise development strategy, on the job.

According to the work of the central poverty alleviation and development work, since 1995, state grid corporation has been responsible for the designated support tasks of five counties, such as hubei padang, changyang, zigui, shennongjia and qinghai mardo.

By the end of 2016, a total of 194 million yuan had been invested in the five counties, and 421 poverty-alleviation projects were implemented.

During the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", for the implementation of the central win the battle strategy out of poverty, the state grid company decided to implement "its sunshine poverty relief action", including 28000 village-level photovoltaic power station joint network engineering, coverage power engineering and five counties in hubei province, qinghai provinces (area) fixed-point photovoltaic engineering for poverty alleviation.

In 2016, the state grid corporation in hubei, qinghai provinces (area) built in five counties 7 concentrated photovoltaic power station for poverty alleviation, a poverty alleviation yield of about 7 million yuan a year, directly for more than 5000 poor stability of poverty alleviation funds safeguard.

Way: in 2017, pv power station for poverty alleviation and innovation has contributed, full investment 437 million yuan, area 236 in three counties of hubei by inputting tent card is funding, 200 mw photovoltaic power station for poverty alleviation, Mei Village construction parameter is donated to the village collective, to help nearly 30000 households, 100000 by inputting tent card poor people out of poverty.

Since the construction began in March, builders have been hard to solve, and the project was completed in mid-june.

By the end of August, 236 village photovoltaic power station has accumulated generating 14.62 million KWH for poverty alleviation, generate electricity income 13.89 million yuan, is expected to each plant each year can be used for poverty alleviation and income 190000 yuan.

State grid company has also established the village collective, operational unit, the contractor unit level 3 operational service system, the photovoltaic power station connected to the national grid distributed cloud network, to achieve "light e treasure" mobile client remote monitoring, to ensure that the plant has more than 25 years stable profits, to ensure that the poverty reduction yields accurate, accurate to things, and accurate to the home to the village, accurate to the people.

Zhou Ji said that in recent years, the state grid corporation shoulder the responsibility for poverty alleviation in the shoulder, and increase the rural power grid renovation of hubei, innovation practice "its sunshine action for poverty alleviation," donation that the three counties of hubei province area village photovoltaic power station for poverty alleviation, walked out of a road of the characteristic of poverty alleviation and development, make hubei people deeply feel the responsibility of the state.

Complete the three counties of hubei province area village photovoltaic power plant after the transfer of assets for poverty alleviation, governments at all levels and relevant departments to straighten out management mechanism, reasonable distribution of generating revenue, collective economy, strengthen the management of power plant operations, to ensure reliable operation, carry forward the spirit of "sunshine for poverty alleviation", lay out of poverty to be completed.

Battle for power comprehensive win out of poverty, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, the state grid corporation planning investment of 635.4 billion yuan, upgrading rural electric power supply security and service support ability, investment 147.9 billion yuan, the implementation of poor areas of western and rural electric power supply services equalization, realize electric power universal service, help poverty to get rich.