The State Key Research And Development Plan Focuses On New Energy Vehicles

- Sep 02, 2017-

On August 29, the implementation of the 2017 project implementation and deployment of the high-tech center of science and technology center will be held in Beijing.

Ministry of science and high technology center confirmed the new energy vehicles, quantum control device and quantum information, nanotechnology, big science frontier research, protein machines and life process regulation, global change and cope with base materials, key technologies and industrialization, strategic advanced electronic materials, high performance computing and 14 national key r&d plan key special project for 2017 project, involved in research and development spending tens of billions.

Notable is, in order to ensure that procedural justice and result justice, ministry of science and high technology center in 2017 national key r&d plan key special project evaluation work, build a reasonable structure, a sufficient number of special core expert review, the focus of the academic level is high;Science has set up a review group to enhance peer review.Strictly implement the expert selection procedure and the avoidance system, and ensure the fairness and justice of the review;A new project review mechanism for the technical direction of 2 items (for later selection) is established.Major scientific instruments have added "non-technical review" links;The whole process of information disclosure is strengthened, and the project complaints and dissenting work are carefully done.To strengthen the audit work of project appointment books and provide basis for project implementation and management.

It is reported, the next step, ministry of science and high technology center will be in the national key research program on special project follow-up management process, through the innovation management mechanism, strengthen the fine management and accurate service, explore the implementation of the project integration mechanism, promote the communication between the project and earnestly implement the project lead unit and the lead responsibility for project work, promote the smooth implementation of project and to achieve the goals of research and development.