The 'sunflower', Chosen By NATO Special Forces, Has A 'Chinese Heart'.

- Nov 17, 2017-

China's energy storage network: a colorful "sunflower" that can generate electricity has amazed the global tech community recently.

It by the European research and development of solar power device, a solar energy company absorbed the inspiration of the sunflower blossoms phototaxis, solar power system design into petals shape, realize the all-weather automatic daily generation.

Solar power system which is shaped like a flower, as a result of the portable device, various application of the intelligent, took a fancy to by NATO special forces, to purchase a batch of directly, as long energy supplies and equipment.

But what the crowd did not know was that the solar flower, which supported the high level of appearance and deep connotation, was in fact a "Chinese heart".


Without human intervention, full automatic tracking solar power generation, to obtain the optimization of power generation, apply to the remote area of bad natural environment, have a strong and reliable safety trace the heart, is the first premise of guarantee system, at present the "Chinese heart" application for more than five years since the expectations, performance is remarkable.

Because of it has operability and the opposite sex, this equipment has won the support of Volvo and tesla motors, the future will be widely used in electric vehicle charging stations and public parking lots, etc., specifically for electric vehicle charging.

The petals of "sunflower" are not only for the high appearance level, but to realize the intelligent function in practical application.

First of all, it can automatically track the sun all the time, the sun rises in the morning, it unfolds automatically, and it closes automatically at night when the sun sets.

In the process of closed to open, the system always keep in 90 degrees with the sun's rays point-blank, it USES the two-axis tracking ensures all the smooth implementation of this process, the core component of the biaxial tracker rotary gear reducer is provided by jiangyin China party company.

Like human system of circulation, the heart is the core part of the body, to ensure the normal operation of "sunflower" depend on the reliability and security absolutely perfect "heart", feng-ling zhang hua fang company vice President, made in the test system of rotary gear reducer is very professional, requirements must be high precision, stability of prominent characteristics.

The solar flowers finally adopted by NATO special forces, as the military refuelling equipment, fully illustrates the excellence of the system, a strong "heart" to meet the military demands of various kinds of harsh conditions.

Learned, compared with the traditional solar panels, the intelligent flowers in the solar system can improve 40% of generating capacity, an annual output 4000 KWH, just can meet the demand of a European family of electricity a year.

At the same time, the power of the user is adjusted automatically according to the user's power consumption, and the disadvantages of traditional solar power generation to the Internet are realized, and the users' side balance power is realized, and the impact on the power grid is reduced.

It can be widely used in shopping malls and new energy car charging piles.