The Technology Of Graphene Coating Modified Lithium Ion Electrode Materials Has Been Greatly Improved

- Jul 19, 2018-

People's Daily online news, from China's high-tech industrialization research 16th annual meeting of the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements in Beijing that China graphene coating modified lithium ion battery anode materials are, won a major breakthrough in the technology.

Dr Tested, metal research institute, Chinese academy of sciences, Beijing st. union technology co., LTD., chief scientist Zhao Jinping led the team developing graphene coating technology, lithium ion battery cathode material can be given a 15% - 25%, will increase the capacity retention of loop 1000 times after 30% to 40%.Increase the capacity of cathode materials by 40-45%, and increase the capacity retention rate by 35-50% after 1000 cycles.

This means that the graphene coating lithium ion anode materials is, the technology is applied to vehicle power battery, three yuan is expected to improve the energy density of lithium ion battery monomer (about 200 watts/kg), meet the smart car key technology industrialization implementation plan "proposed by 2020 vehicle power battery energy density index 300 watts/kg of target.