The Three Major Trends Of Lithium Battery Development

- Nov 15, 2016-

Power lithium-ion battery, a high-energy density battery, is designed to provide power for motor vehicles, also for electric toys and other fields. Lithium batteries with zero pollution, zero emissions, high energy density, small size, long cycle life, etc. , is the trend of domestic and international power battery development and application.

Lithium battery industry chain is widely used in many aspects. Power lithium battery chain mainly used in electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric cars, electric buses and other applications require high-power applications.

Industry Research Institute released the "2015-2020 China's power lithium battery industry market demand forecast and investment strategic planning analysis report" that the two factors favorable lithium battery industry: (1) With the rapid development of China's lithium battery downstream demand industry, especially the rapid growth of consumer electronic products, such as mobile phones, computers, and other digital products, the future demand for lithium batteries will maintain rapid development; (2) Battery industry policy to support lithium battery industry. And from the industry development point of view, showing the following trends:

Polymer lithium battery market share gradually expanded

At present, the mobile phone network and the application of end products, there are gaps, the prevalence of interoperability and mobile phone battery energy is not enough. In the traditional liquid lithium-ion battery developed on the basis of the polymer lithium battery, just to make up for the performance of traditional liquid lithium-ion battery defects. Second, the polymer lithium battery lighter, thinner, larger capacity. Because of these advantages, the polymer lithium-ion battery market share has been expanding in recent years, and in the next few years will occupy a greater market share.

Electric vehicles are the focus of future demand for lithium batteries

Throughout the domestic and international major manufacturers of new energy investment in dynamic analysis, many car manufacturers and traditional battery manufacturers have turned to the lithium battery research and development and production. With the domestic and international lithium battery production technology and process improvement the lithium battery in the coordination of product quality and price of these two factors, is bound to light, safe, long life and further expand its use in the market rate.

With the Industrial Research Institute statistics show that the annual output of 78,500 new energy vehicles, sales of 74,800, up 3.5 times over last year and 3.2 times, of which pure electric vehicle production and sales than the previous year, respectively, 2.4 times and 2.1 times; Plug-in hybrid car production and sales increased by 8.1 times over the previous year and 8.8 times. According to lithium-ion battery exhibition power 20% penetration of the battery to calculate the size of the lithium-ion battery market is about 15,000 groups, according to each group of lithium-ion battery power average price of 50,000 yuan, the market total of about 748 million yuan.

The industry will gradually shift from the coastal areas to the Mainland

With the intensification of competition, China's lithium battery industry, the trend of transfer and integration is becoming evident. Labor-intensive link gradient transfer trend intensified, the upper reaches of the lithium resources in central and western regions obvious advantages in resources. Pearl River Delta region brought together a large number of lithium battery manufacturing enterprises, with the gradual reduction of labor costs in the Mainland, batteries assembly and other labor-intensive sectors will gradually shift from coastal to inland. From the industrial chain upstream point of view, an important raw material lithium carbonate lithium carbonate, mainly from the ore and brine. China's lithium ore is mainly distributed in Sichuan, Jiangxi, Hunan and Henan, brine mainly concentrated in Qinghai and Tibet. Jiangxi Yichun, Jiangxi Xinyu, Sichuan Aba, Qinghai and Tibet and other resource-rich cities in central and western regions began to increase investment in lithium battery industry.

According to the development of the downstream industry, the impact of national policies related industries, combined with lithium battery market size of the historical data, Industry Research Institute use polynomial fitting to predict the 2015-2020 China's lithium battery market size. To 2017 lithium battery industry market will reach 230 billion yuan in 2020, the market size of the industry reached 600 billion yuan.