The Transport Industry Will Have 600,000 New Energy Vehicles By 2020

- Sep 26, 2017-

China's energy storage network: the total size target will double again in 2020, as new energy vehicles in China's transportation sector expand faster than expected.On September 24, transportation service department deputy director CAI unity said publicly, according to the current development speed, is expected to end of this year, our country city bus, taxi and city logistics distribution scale of the whole transportation industry of new energy car will break through 300000, ahead of schedule due to the development goals in 2020, as a result, our country will turn 2020 this goal quantity to double, to 600000 vehicles.

In recent years, although China has continuously used various measures to control the growth rate of traditional energy vehicles, the larger base still keeps the overall size of our fuel vehicles expanding.By the end of last year, the number of motor vehicles in China had reached 290 million, of which 194 million were cars, according to statistics from the ministry of public security.It is believed that the increase of car ownership in China, especially in fuel truck, will increase the pollution of the exhaust pollution, in addition to the heavy burden on urban transportation.Previously, Beijing and other environmental departments have released the results of the analysis of PM2.5 pollution sources, which show that the primary pollutant source of PM2.5 pollution in many cities in China is automobile exhaust emissions.

At present, a number of analysis organizations have forecast the number of car ownership in China according to the annual growth of car ownership and the comprehensive analysis of various policies.Xu changming, director of the information resources development department of the national information center, said that under the budget, China's car ownership would be 250 million by 2020.

According to a 2014 state council general office issued "to speed up the" instructional advice on the popularization and application of the new energy vehicles, to 2020, the application of new energy vehicles in the transportation industry begun to take shape, in the city buses, taxis and totaled 300000 vehicles in the field of city logistics distribution, etc;The new energy vehicle supporting facilities are basically complete, and the operation efficiency and safety level of new energy vehicles are significantly improved.