The Type Of Uninterruptible Power Supply, Under What Circumstances Is The UPS Generally Used?

- Nov 11, 2019-

In the category of uninterruptible power supply, under what circumstances is UPS generally used? UPS uninterruptible power supply can be divided into three types: backup, online and online interactive UPS according to its working principle. UPS is becoming more and more widely used in almost all industries, and because of the wide variety of businesses, the application scenarios are increasingly diversified.

UPS uninterruptible power supply category

The common UPS power sources on the market mainly include online UPS and backup UPS.

The power supply mode of the online UPS power supply is that after the mains input UPS power, it is converted into direct current, and the direct current charges the battery, and the current outputted by the battery is converted into an alternating current output by the inverter of the UPS power supply to supply power to the device. The characteristics of the online type are: the inverter is always in working state, the switching time of the power supply is zero; the output voltage and frequency are stable, and it is often used in the occasions where the power supply quality is very high, because it has no switching delay, it is reliable to use; The style can improve the quality of the power supply, so its price is relatively expensive.

The backup UPS power supply mode is that the mains input UPS power is divided into two-way operation, one for the device direct power supply, and the other for the UPS power supply to convert the mains to DC power for the battery. When the mains fails, no voltage output or voltage is large, the UPS power will automatically switch, continue to supply power to the equipment, to ensure that the normal operation of the equipment is uninterrupted. The characteristics of the backup UPS power supply are: the switching time of most backup UPS power supplies is 4-8ms, which can meet the requirements for general users; in the case of normal power supply, the utility power directly supplies power to the equipment, so its structure is simple. cheap price.

Online interactive UPS: Online interactive UPS, in the circuit architecture, more special is the bidirectional converter and automatic voltage regulation circuit. The bidirectional converter has two functions of charger and converter. The charger is similar to the fast charger. The battery can be fully charged by shortening the charging time of 7~8 hours to 2~4 hours. Therefore, the efficiency is higher than that of the general charger. Compared with the backup type, the online interactive filter function has strong anti-commerce interference capability, the conversion time is less than 4ms, and the inverter output is analog sine wave, so it can be equipped with network equipment such as servers and routers, or used in the power environment. Bad area.

UPS uninterruptible power supplies are classified according to the working principle. They can be divided into online interactive, online and backup three types, as follows:

1, online interactive uninterruptible power supply

With filtering function, it has strong anti-commerce interference capability, fast conversion time, and the inverter output is analog sine wave. Therefore, it can be equipped with routers, servers and other network equipment, and can also be used in places with poor power environment.

2, online uninterruptible power supply

The structure is somewhat complicated, but the performance is perfect and can solve all power problems. Because equipment requires a large investment, it is generally used in environments where power requirements are critical, such as critical equipment and network centers.

3, backup type uninterruptible power supply

It is the most commonly used uninterruptible power supply. It has the function of power-off protection and automatic voltage regulation, which is also the most basic and important function of uninterruptible power supply. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high reliability and low price, and is widely used in the fields of POS machines, peripherals and microcomputers.

Under what circumstances is UPS generally used?

UPS is not only used directly on computers, but also equipped with computers (such as medical CT, supply station instruments, etc.), radar stations, military communication systems, program-controlled telephone systems, surgical operating rooms, etc., all use UPS instead of generators. Used as backup power supply.

As an important peripheral of computer information systems, communication systems, data network centers, etc., UPS power is very important in protecting computer data, ensuring the stability of grid voltage and frequency, improving grid quality, and preventing users from being damaged by instantaneous power outages and accidents. important.

● PC, network equipment and entertainment equipment PC, home router, home audio and video, entertainment systems, etc.

●Office and business equipment, office computers, POS machines, etc.

●Embedded application ATM teller machine, advertising machine and other equipment

Summary: The above describes the classification of UPS uninterruptible power supply and the use of UPS, I believe you must understand. It can be seen that different types of uninterruptible power supplies have their own characteristics and functions. In practical applications, attention should be paid to selecting a reasonable uninterruptible power supply, and the application scenarios of UPS are increasingly diversified.