The U.S. Air Force Has Developed A New, Highly Efficient, Radiation-resistant Solar Cell.

- Jan 09, 2018-

The U.S. air force has developed new, efficient, radiation-resistant solar cells for space.


The inverted deformed polynodal (IMM) solar technology developed by the U.S. air force research laboratory (AFRL) has increased energy efficiency and will be used primarily for military space applications in the event of lower costs.

The multilayer light absorption material of each unit means that it can convert specific wavelengths of the solar spectrum into energy.

The IMM battery is said to be 15 per cent more powerful than similar standard multi-junction solar arrays.

Developers say the new solar cells could be used to solve the problem of efficiency and mass demand in the space community and free up more satellite space for other tools.

"We found that by inverting the extended battery on gallium arsenide, we were able to adjust the material properties of each absorption layer more effectively," said Kerry Bennington, an electronics engineer at AFRL materials and manufacturing.