The U.S. Department Of Energy Continues To Invest $120 Million In The Battery Innovation Center

- Oct 08, 2018-

The U.S. department of energy (DOE) announced plans to continue investing $120 million over five years for the joint center for energy storage research (JCESR), an energy department energy innovation center led by argonne national laboratory that focuses on advancing battery science and technology.

On September 18th organized by the SLAC national accelerator laboratory in the "innovation XLab energy storage summit", deputy director of the office of the us science Paul Dabbar said in a statement, "to improve the performance of the battery is vital for the future development of transportation and the grid, JCESR is one of our most important energy storage innovation center, will be to build the next generation of battery technology play an important role to the scientific".

To address some of the major scientific challenges in power storage, the department of energy's office of science established JCESR in December 2012, bringing together top experts from multiple disciplines, a dozen leading laboratories and universities.

For the first five years, JCESR showed off new membranes for liquid-flow batteries;Substantial progress has been made in establishing the basic research of battery science based on dual-charge magnesium instead of single-charge lithium.A computational tool was developed to screen out more than 24,000 potential electrolyte and electrode compounds for new concept batteries and chemicals.

JCESR has published more than 380 peer-reviewed publications and more than 100 patents at various stages of invention.Three new startups have been established with the JCESR technology license.

Future work at JCESR will focus on "bottom-up" development of new battery materials, based on a detailed understanding of atomic and molecular substances.