The U.S. Department Of Energy Is Launching A New Energy Vehicle.

- Aug 09, 2019-

The U.S. department of energy (DOE) has announced a $50m grant for innovative research into trucks, off-road vehicles and fuel cell technology. The funding was provided by the department of energy's office of energy efficiency and renewable energy (EERE). Hydrogen fuel infrastructure and fuel cell technology as well as electrification of heavy freight and energy-saving off-road vehicles.


Economic growth is bound to accelerate the flow of goods. In the United States, trucks carry almost 70 percent of the nation's goods (by tonnage and value), and they are, to some extent, the primary means of transportation for goods from manufacturers to consumers.


Trucks are America's true energy hogs. According to statistics, the energy consumption of medium and heavy trucks (grades 3-8) accounts for about 25% of the total energy consumption of American cars every year. Although the number of heavy and medium trucks accounts for only 4% of the total number of vehicles on the road in the United States, the energy consumption of trucks continues to increase. Suvs, on the other hand, account for 8 percent of U.S. transportation energy consumption. The us energy information administration forecasts that the trucking industry will increase annual mileage by 54% by 2050.


"As the fastest growing segment of fuel consumption in the United States, it is important to ensure timely access to advanced technologies such as electrification and fuel cells to enable more efficient and economical transportation of goods." MarkW. Menezes, deputy secretary of energy.


"EERE has funded a range of technology research and development, and its track record shows that its investments have been successful. EERE has previously funded research and development in areas such as electrification, internal combustion engines and natural gas, hydrogen and biofuels to help improve transportation efficiency and reduce energy costs for transportation. This time, the investment is similar to previous investments, and the goal remains to accelerate the delivery of sustainable transportation, which is what the department of energy has been committed to."


In late June 2018, U.S. energy secretary RickPerry announced that the office of energy efficiency and renewable energy (EERE) would fund 87 new projects in 34 states for a total of nearly $13 million, including four hydrogen and fuel cell projects.


The U.S. department of energy's aggressive support for hydrogen power and fuel cells, as well as continued funding, is a "shot in the arm" that will undoubtedly bring great confidence to the industry's large-scale rise.