The Uae Invested 1.5 Billion Pounds In Clean Energy In The UK

- Nov 30, 2017-

China will invest 1.5 billion pounds in the UK's renewable energy sector, the country's minister of state for international trade and exports, Ronald fairblack, said yesterday.

Kutner said: "Britain take off will help to Britain pursues a more open economy policy, we are working with the united Arab emirates (uae) in multiple investments, particularly in clean energy and the research and development of new technology."

The uae is understood to be Britain's fourth largest partner outside Europe, after the United States, China and India.

For some time to come, the UK will continue to play an important role in investing, improving efficiency, investing in new technologies and sharing technologies.

"I am optimistic about the current energy market, and the good news is that oil prices are between $60 and $63 a barrel," he said.