The UK's Clean Energy Programme Has Delayed Or Increased Consumer Costs By Tens Of Billions

- Sep 21, 2017-

China energy storage network: a competitive auction model adopted by Britain recently found that offshore wind power projects have won record low price contracts, which are even cheaper than natural gas and nuclear power.As a result, renewable energy projects are not only cost-competitive, but also cheaper than conventional power generation.

However, a British think-tank Green Green Alliance Alliance after the new comparative analysis found that if there is no progress faster deployment of renewable energy, consumers may end up in additional fees to pay 2.6 billion pounds a year in 2025.Green Alliance believes that investment in low carbon such as wind and solar renewable energy can be for consumers to save $1.8 billion a year, in 2025 if you include energy efficiency, it will save 2.6 billion pounds a year.

In addition, by 2030, these cost savings will be double: specifically, renewable energy and energy efficiency continue to construction project will before 2030 for British consumers save 3.7 billion pounds a year, if the energy saving measures included, so save 5.3 billion euros.

But while the value of renewable energy is more and more obvious, costs continue to decline, the British government has not yet been a commitment for the deployment of renewable energy planning, policy did not remove doubts in order to bring investors and developers confidence.The delays are a threat to the industry, despite the government's commitment to developing renewable energy and increasing the proportion of its applications.

Chaitanya Kumar, senior policy adviser at the green alliance, explains: "since 2015, the UK's investment in renewable energy has been falling because of a sharp fall in costs.Now, a better strategy is to investment in the early track, and buy more cheaper clean energy, which will save energy costs, and support the national renewable energy industry to create new employment opportunities."

The green alliance argues that the UK government has cut back on renewable energy, so that the renewable energy that is being developed has reached 65 terawatts, accounting for 20 per cent of UK energy consumption.