The United States Is Advancing Research And Development Of A New Generation Of Concentrated Solar Power Generation Syste

- May 25, 2018-

The U.S. department of energy announced on May 15 that it would invest $72 million to develop a new generation of high-temperature concentrated solar power systems.


Concentrated solar power is another technology that converts solar energy into electricity in addition to photovoltaic technology.The technology USES mirrors to focus sunlight and convert it into heat, pushing turbines to run and generate electricity.Because the heat from sunlight can be stored and converted to electricity when needed, the technology can keep power flowing at night or on rainy days.The United States is one of the countries with better applications of concentrated solar power, and the department of energy announced a $62 million investment last September to expand research and development of concentrated solar power.

The operating temperature of the thermal system is the key to concentrated solar power cost control factors, the current us best commercial concentrated solar power technology thermal energy system operating temperature up to 565 ℃.And the beauty department launched the third generation of high temperature and concentrated solar power project (Gen3 CSP), the target is to push the operating temperature of the thermal system to more than 700 ℃, it will effectively improve the efficiency of power generation, decrease the cost of power generation.Department of energy says, if successful, will make concentrated solar power plant generating cost reduce about 2 cents per kilowatt-hour, this is equivalent to energy concentrated solar power plants in the United States set the 2030 target cost (5 cents per kilowatt-hour) of 40%.

At present, the department of energy (doe) has selected the bretton energy companies, national renewable energy laboratory and sandia national laboratories, three research units involved in the project, they will work around the high temperature components and high temperature thermal energy storage system integration design competition.

Department chief deputy assistant secretary Daniel simons says, the United States in the field of high temperature and concentrated solar power research is a world leading position, the new project will help to promote the development of new technology of high-temperature concentrated solar power, maintain America's lead in this area.