The United States Launched A New Plan To Fix Photovoltaic Power Station Brackets

- Aug 13, 2018-

APA Solar recently launched Geoballast, a product that does not require a concrete ballast design, in response to the market for the installation and construction of ground-based photovoltaic power stations.The product was shown at Intersolar North America in July.


Geoballast's rollout was built on APA's years of solar project installation experience.The company found that there were too many processes involved in using concrete as a base, both to increase Labour and to extend installation time.

After extensive engineering practice and design and development, APA adopted a solution of pressurizing loading weights with standard metal frames.Geoballast steel frame is protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing and epoxy coating.

The product provides a perfect solution for the installation of pv on landfills, pavements, and after demolition.

The foundation of ballast counterweight has been preassembled 70% of the time before shipment. It only needs to be filled with standard stones on site. The anchor pipe connecting the counterweight does not need to excavate the ground.