The University Of Leicester Has Received Eu Funding To Study Its New Aluminium Battery Project

- Nov 28, 2017-

A team of researchers at the university of leicester in the UK has received a funding from the European Union to further study its new aluminium - based aluminium battery project.Professor Karl rider from chemistry materials center and Andy professor Albert is a professor at the team consists of led, the team's goal is to new battery material used as a substitute for conventional batteries.

The SAlBAGE- sulfur-aluminium battery project is made up of European Union renowned universities and top battery testing companies, which will be funded by the European Union's vision of a new technology programme for the future 2020.The project funds totalled 3 million euros, of which 545 million euros will be invested in research projects at the university of leicester.The award is the first such award at leicester university.

The expert team at leicester university chose aluminum as the battery material, because aluminum has higher performance, lower cost and higher safety than lithium.

In the SAlBAGE project, the researchers aim to develop a new type of aluminum sulfide battery.The aluminum cathode will be combined with sulfur anode and some oxidation reduction medium to catalyze sulfur reaction kinetics and high performance.

The new aluminum battery is expected to have a high energy density, reaching 1000Wh/kg, and cost less than the current lithium-ion battery technology, which can save up to 60 percent of the cost.

The new aluminum battery has better flexibility, adaptability, and shapeness, which will facilitate the design of new equipment in the field of transportation, aerospace and information technology.