The Us $100 Billion Photovoltaic Industry Is Facing Disruption

- Sep 26, 2017-

China energy storage net news: on September 23, according to bloomberg, the us international trade commission (ITC) in a 4-0 vote unanimously ruled that damage to pv manufacturers for imports, photovoltaic products support for import tariffs.The proposed measure will be presented to President trump on 13 November, and he will make the final decision.

The news came after a drop in U.S. -listed Chinese pv companies, which had expanded at one point, but ended the day up, with the company's solar energy dropping nearly 8 percent to close at 0.38 percent.Crystal energy also moved from a near 3% decline to a gain of 0.08%.Yingli's green energy revenue rose 0.83 percent.

The decision is likely to overturn the $29 billion U.S. pv industry, which most manufacturers oppose.

They think low prices for imported products help boost the rapid growth of the domestic pv industry.

White House spokesman Natalie Strom said trump will examine the facts and make decisions that reflect the best interests of the United States."Solar manufacturing in the United States contributes to our energy security and economic prosperity," Strom said.

Angelo Zino, analyst at CFRA, said the reversal could be a "shortsightedness" for investors.It will be months before the tariffs are actually implemented, and markets are likely to see a rise in sales before that.