The Us Black Stone Group Has Made A Formal Foray Into The Australian Solar Industry

- Aug 17, 2017-

Energy storage net news: China international well-known investment institutions blackstone group (BlackRock Real Assets) has announced formally entered the solar industry in Australia, and has set up a from Edify Energy for Queensland two to build solar power projects a 90% stake.According to Australian media "Financial Standard" and so on, the blackstone group's investment in Queensland Daydream solar projects installed capacity of about 150 mw installed capacity of 50 mw and Hayman solar Energy project, the project will be made by Edify Energy continue to responsible for the management, will soon enter the construction phase, and were completed in 2018.Dominik Rohe, head of the Australian operations of blackstone group, said the investment in the solar industry would be used to diversify Australia's business.Charlie Reid, head of blackstone's new energy investment business, stressed that tapping into the Australian solar industry would help blackstone expand its breadth and depth of investment in the global renewable energy sector.

It is reported that, with the rapid decline in the cost of the construction of solar power project and the continuous influx of new investment, the solar industry in kunzhou, Australia has been closely watched and developed rapidly.The two new projects, and currently the state's northern Collinsville is building three large-scale solar projects will further promote its by the history of "coal town" into "solar power industry cluster".