The Us Has Developed A New Battery That Can Last Up To A Week's Battery Life

- Dec 28, 2017-

According to the latest research, us researchers have developed a flexible, long-life, multi-second, super-charged battery.The battery's phone can only be charged for a few seconds and can be used for up to a week!

美国研究出最新型电池充电几秒续航一周 还可弯曲

Researchers at the university of Florida have reportedly developed a new battery that can hold more electricity.The new battery also charges faster than conventional batteries.The cell phone can be used for a few seconds and can be used for more than a week, the researchers said.In addition, the battery has been recharged more than 30,000 times and its components are almost free of loss and the capacity to store electricity remains constant.Now, the average lithium-ion battery cell phone is basically charging 1,500 times, and after 18 months, the battery's performance starts to decline.

The researchers used nanomaterials to boost battery power.So the finished product is the size of a normal cell phone, but it's bigger.The battery is made up of millions of nanowires covering a layer of two-dimensional paint.Unlike conventional batteries, which can be recharged by chemical reactions, the new battery is stored in a static way on the surface of the building, so there is little risk of any explosion.

The battery can be used in electric cars as well as mobile phones and electronics, the report said.In addition, it can also be used in apparel equipment because of its flexible.

It is understood that the research team is expected to be granted a patent soon and may be in talks with several major phone brands.