The Us Is Developing Battery Management Equipment Or Increasing The Range Of Electric Vehicles By 50 Per Cent

- Dec 04, 2017-

China's energy storage net news: according to foreign media reports, a professor in the school of management at Vanderbilt university engineering practice Ken Pence and institute of electrical engineering PhD Tim Potteiger have developed a battery management device, which can reconfigure the electric car battery module.The two are using tesla's high-energy lithium ion battery to build models designed to boost battery life and boost the range of electric vehicles.The technology could increase the range of electric vehicles by 50 per cent.In addition, they added controllers for each battery's core.

Tim Potteiger said: "we realised that some of the cells in the core were burning faster than other cores, and that when they finished, the efficiency of the other cores would be reduced.But we have found a way to keep all of the core energy in sync, and there is no difference in energy consumption.

Potteiger said the electric vehicle's electric meter would set aside a minimum charge to prevent the battery from running out, causing passengers to get trapped.When the charge is 10%, the electricity meter will show "no power" status.The device can also connect to electric vehicle car software, so the driver can accurately read the battery information and make maximum use of battery power to achieve maximum range of electric vehicle.Mr Pence says the older the battery, the more likely it is to be a problem, and the less efficient it is, the more useful it will be.

"After the device is used, the battery life will last longer," Mr Pence said.Drivers will not immediately notice a 50 per cent increase in the vehicle's range, but they will later find a longer battery life.

In addition, the two are working with the Vanderbilt university technology transfer andcommercialization unit to bring the device to market.