The Use Of Graphene In Battery Technology Will Revolutionize The Battery Industry

- Aug 21, 2017-

China energy storage net news: graphene this new material after winning the Nobel Prize in 2010, has been the world attention, more than 80 countries around the world in the development of the graphene materials and the United States, Britain, South Korea, Japan, Europe and so on will graphene upgraded to a strategic height, expecting that it brings huge market value.

The industry expects graphene production to reach a kiloton a year over the next five to ten years.

By 2020, the graphene industrialization plan will make a breakthrough and reach a hundred billion level.

Graphene's excellent electrical conductivity, a tenfold strength beyond steel and excellent transmission of light are expected to spark a revolution in the field of modern electronic technology.

In graphene, electrons can migrate very efficiently, while conventional semiconductors and conductors, such as silicon and copper, are far from graphene.

Because of the electronic and atomic collision, the traditional semiconductor and release some of the energy in the form of heat conductors, but graphene electronic energy won't be loss, which makes it have excellent characteristics of the unusual.

There is a consensus in the industry that the use of graphene in the battery will make it possible to achieve a large capacity of a large capacity battery.

Once successful, the current limits on electricity use in smartphones and new energy cars will be reversed, even as a result of a new industrial revolution in the use of batteries.

At present, our country scientific research institutions and enterprises and institutions have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the use of graphene in battery technology, more and more use of technology from the laboratory to the market.

Has been deep in zhuhai (carbon composite material of graphene industry co., LTD has successfully add graphene to the lithium ion battery, has now launched "900 seconds electricity charging 100%" graphene based mobile power supply.

Currently, poly carbon composites researchers have graphene and lithium iron phosphate in situ composite technology in nanometer scale, form a new energy storage material, with the preparation of the hybrid energy storage batteries, super capacitor characteristics of high power and high capacity lithium ion battery, can be used in the power battery of electric vehicles, etc., can greatly shorten the charging time, or five minutes on a full charge.

Previous experiments in Spain and South Korea have shown that when graphene is added, the range of new energy vehicles is likely to reach 1,000 kilometers, while charging time will only take a few minutes.

Once the technology is applied to the new energy market, the bottleneck of the new energy car industry will be broken and the new energy car industry is expected to rise rapidly.

The use of graphene in the battery, the replacement of the existing raw materials and the improved battery performance, the battery industry and the use of the battery will bring about great changes.