The Vehicle Thinking Design Power Battery System

- Aug 28, 2017-

China energy storage network: at present, the new energy automobile industry needs to strengthen the development of industrial chain, and the whole vehicle manufacturing should ensure a long life cycle after the product launch.The battery industry urgently needs to solve the phenomenon of disorderly development.

At present, China has become the world's largest new energy vehicle market.In the new energy automobile industry, the government and enterprises have done a lot of work.According to the new energy vehicle demonstration promotion office of shenzhen Liu Xiangzhen director introduces, taking shenzhen as an example, the application of new energy vehicles has been basically realizing the comprehensive electric bus, the next step is to realize the comprehensive electric taxis.In the light logistics vehicle, 50% of the electrification has been achieved, and the electric expansion will be carried out in other fields.As an important part of China's automobile "power strategy", new energy vehicles play an important role in the development of automobile industry.At the same time, as a new industry, the development of new energy automotive industry, there is still a long way in part of the industrial chain link, and there is still a big gap between the abroad, need to further deepen the industrial chain of cooperation, strengthen all areas between the fusion and innovation.

Vehicle manufacturing is an important link in the new energy automobile industry chain. The stability, ease of use and reliability of vehicles play a crucial role in the development of the industry.Ao jianhua, the executive vice President of zhuhai yinlong new energy co., LTD., said that the whole car company should pay attention to the quality of production and guarantee the safety, durability and ease of use.Enterprise in the prophase investment of time and effort, more focus on product research and development and the iteration, to produce high quality products, to ensure its put on the market after a long life cycle, make the business enterprise can focus management, realize the business enterprise on the whole vehicle zero risk, zero investment, zero, zero debt.It is understood that the current silver long new energy bus products can guarantee during the decade of attenuation over 80%, and temperatures of minus 50 to 60 above freezing environment in normal operation, on the charging speed to realize the rapid and full of 6 ~ 10 minutes.

In recent years, in pursuit of government subsidies, the battery industry has developed a new and undeveloped phenomenon.Shenzhen JiYang intelligent technology co., LTD., director of changyang county as he introduces, fewer than 10 foreign power battery model, in the same way, power battery industry in our country, it takes about 10 to 20 battery model can, enterprise blind "create" size and model, and can't achieve industry greatly ascend.YangRuKun pointed out that the batteries should be like production of CPU, will focus on one or two models, the energy in manufacturing process planning and intelligent control to carry on the strict requirements, perfectly, realize large-scale production and application, can realize the healthy development.Xu hui, technical director of the watma battery research institute, said that too many battery models in China now lead to higher system costs.

In addition, the development of the battery industry should focus on practical application rather than blindly pursuing high data.Take batteries as an example, not as much as the bigger the better.EVE Energy Co., Ltd Huang Gongliang power marketing center vice President, said the current battery than Energy can do 300 wh/kg in the scenario, but in practice, 130 wh/kg lithium iron phosphate batteries and 210 wh/kg of ternary battery is enough to meet the market demand.In order to significantly improve the battery ratio energy, the safety, heat dissipation capacity and cost performance of the battery should be comprehensively considered, and the market needs to be improved in an orderly manner.Liang rui, vice President of Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd., said that it is important to design dynamic battery systems with vehicle thinking to achieve synergy in the industrial chain.

Department of automotive engineering, tsinghua university professor quan-shi Chen pointed out that at present, China's new energy automotive industry has entered a rapid development period, with the subsidies TuiPo gradually, the development of new energy automobile industry in China will be from the government leading into a market leading, government guidance, eventually dominate the market.According to Chen, the reputation and quality of our independent brands are gradually becoming stronger, and we need to make the industry stronger and need the joint efforts of all the enterprises in the industry chain.The passenger car company should have the self-owned intellectual property of the key technology, develop the marketable products of the market, have a strong fund operation ability, and not focus on state subsidies;Commercial vehicle enterprises such as bus, bike, logistics vehicles, etc., due to its small scale, technical force is weak, capital operation ability is not strong, can through the way of merger and reorganization, the play of the advantages and achieve bigger and stronger.