The Wide - Water 50MW Pv Project Achieves Integrated Grid Power Generation

- Nov 13, 2017-

China's energy storage network news: a few days ago, hubei engineering company guangshui project on the site of the good news, the guangshui scenery integration project (" guangshui project ") 50MW pv part of the integrated grid power generation.

GuangShui project is hubei engineering company first investment project, planning a total capacity of 100 mw, in which each of 50 mw photovoltaic, wind power, 50 mw photovoltaic project in May 2015, the national development and reform commission for the record, in March 2016 officially started.

During the project process, the project company encountered various difficulties and challenges.

In particular, there have been more than 30 resistance and resistance to the project, and the construction of the project has been difficult.

In the company leadership and the guidance of the department with the support of various functional departments, the project company to overcome the shortage of staff, and inadequate experience difficulties, unity is strength, and project the cooperated-builing parties work together to successfully implement the pv project "630" 2016 grid, made 50 mw photovoltaic feed-in tariffs in 2016, completed the seemingly impossible task.

After "630" interconnection, try the project company, and in accordance with the "edge development, construction, and operation" ideas for the site of the project, the work of all the contractors play their own advantages, clear objectives, responsibility to the people, work overtime to conquer the whole grid in the process of sending one after another.

In the construction site, in view of the land expropriation problems, deep schiscosomiasis project is the project company, together with the village cadres to understand the villagers difficulties and appeal, actively communicate with all levels of government coordination, seek support, reasonable planning, properly solve the land expropriation.

At the same time, the project company and design institute of continuous optimization design and the construction plan, reasonable arrangement of construction time, through unremitting efforts, to ensure that in accordance with the requirements of time nodes to achieve the goal pv part of the overall power generation.