The World's First Hydrogen Fuel Train Will Officially Start Running In Germany In Four Years

- Nov 20, 2017-

The world's first hydrogen - powered train will run in Germany in 2021, French rail transit construction giant alstom announced Thursday.

Alstom says it has signed a contract with a railroad company in lower Saxony, Germany, to provide 14 hydrogen fuel cell trains to each other.

In march, the train made its first test run in Germany.

There are already a number of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles on the market, but it's the first to use hydrogen fuel to drive the trains.

The hydrogen fuel train was first unveiled at a rail transit technology exhibition in Berlin, Germany, last September.

It is powered by electricity generated by hydrogen fuel tanks on trains.

Hydrogen is considered the cleanest source of energy because it burns with oxygen and is considered the cleanest source of energy, and the hydrogen fuel engine produces little noise compared to other engines.

, the Associated Press reported since December 2021, the train will be in German libraries, Hong Kong, bremerhaven, running between Mr Baxter hood and other cities, top speed of 140 kilometers, can run about 1000 km a one-off.

It will replace diesel-powered trains.

As for the source of hydrogen fuel, the current saying is that Germany plans to make use of lower Saxony wind power.